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SimphoSOFT software is ideal for modeling and optimizing photoactive materials for applications, including:
lasers & amplifiers (photokinetics of rare earth materials),
2-photon microscopy, STED microscopy,
flow cytometry,
Searchable multi-photon absorber database
and more

SimphoSOFT energy levels etc
With SimphoSOFT's graphical user interface it is easy to create complex energy level diagrams of arbitrary size, that include:
• Singlet and triplet states
• Two-photon and three-photon absorption
• Energy transfer, upconversion
• Cross relaxation

Rate equations are built in to SimphoSOFT, and they are updated automatically based on the diagram designed by user in the GUI.
Accurate numerical analysis without programming

amplifier and energy levels
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Lasers and Amplifiers
SimphoSOFT models photokinetics of rare earth materials, including:
cross relaxation, upconversion and stimulated emission.
  • Accurate numerical solutions as well as graphical
    positioning of energy levels and optical transitions
  • Change gain material properties to optimize amplifier
  • Investigate doping concentrations, different combinations of
    rare earth materials, sample length and pump power
  • Model energy transfer, energy upconversion
    and cross relaxation between molecules or ions
  • Analyze Kerr effect and diffraction for nonlinear
    materials to determine positive and negative changes
    in refractive index at high laser intensities
  • Model quantum dot electron excitation formation and
    electron intraband recombination, as well as
    two-photon absorption
  • Analyze electron transfer for photosynthesis and
    semiconductor photovoltaic devices
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Z-scan for Material Characterization
SimphoSOFT simulates Z-scan experiments for determining nonlinear absorption and nonlinear index of refraction changes in materials.
  • Applications include: optical limiting, multi-photon
    polymerization and optical switching
  • Save money and time while accurately simulating
    experimental results without programming
  • Analyze both low-energy and high-energy laser inputs
  • Optimize absorption strength of optical limiters
  • Simulate both thin and thick samples
  • Kerr effect
  • No restrictions on energy levels - three or more can be
  • Numerical solution of the coupled propagation and
    and rate equations which is more accurate than
    analytical approximation

Application note: SimphoSOFT for Z-scan simulation click here

Two-Photon Microscopy
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Two-Photon Microscopy
SimphoSOFT calculates fluorescence and phosphorescence emission strength spectra
  • Determine the most cost-effective infrared laser for
    good image resolution without lengthy experiments
  • Calculate the fluorescence and phosphorescence
    emission spectra at any position in a sample:
    - Number of photons emitted as a function of
    - Number of photons emitted by a sample for a single
      laser pulse during a specified time period
  • Multi-pulse calculation option for more accuracy

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STED Microscopy
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STED Microscopy
SimphoSOFT includes modeling of multiple beams,excitation and
stimulated emission.
  • Design STED microscopes
  • Optimize performance of fluorescent probes used in
    STED microscopy
  • Determine best experimental conditions for STED
    resolution enhancement

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flow cytometry
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Flow Cytometry
SimphoSOFT can calculate the multispectral emissions (fluorescence and phosphorescence) for a cell containing one or many dyes.
  • Save time and money by rapidly assessing dye-laser
  • Accurately predict fluorescence and phosphorescence
    processes when multiple probe molecules are used
  • Optimize fluorescence probe selection to reduce
    emission spectra overlaps
  • Analyze the latest dyes that undergo multi-photon

Application note: SimphoSOFT for flow cytometry click here

    Multi-Photon Absorber Database
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Multi-Photon Absorber Database
World's first searchable database of more than 1,000 multi-photon absorber molecules with a complete set of photo-physical properties
  • Quickly and easily find multi-photon absorbing
    materials with desired photo-physical characteristics
    - includes references to recent publications
  • Intuitive search to access more than 20,000
    absorption and relaxation characteristics of
    multi-photon materials
    - Filters for category, application, and chemical names
    - Search for optimal values
  • Two versions:
    - Stand alone database
    - Linked to SimphoSOFT software to use materials in
      applications for analyzing and optimizing

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