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Ultrashort laser pulse measurement
Manufactured, sold and supported in the U.S.

Shows pulse intensity and phase vs time
Shows pulse spectrum and spectral phase vs wavelength
Measures pulse widths from 12 fs to 10s of ps
Wavelength ranges: 450 nm to 1800 nm and 1.8 μm to 3.4 μm
Measurement speed: better than 2 Hz
Easy to align


What makes our FROGscan better...
Small scan step size (1 fs) and high temporal resolution (2 fs) to
    measure widest range of long or short pulse conditions
Change the time span of a scan in the software:
    Makes it easy to fully analyze details in wings of pulses
High spectral resolution (0.20 nm - 1 nm) to measure both long,
    transform-limited pulses and the high order phase distortions
    in shaped pulses
      Note: FROGscan Ultra spectral resolution (0.05 nm - 1 nm)
16-bit data acquisition allows measurement of low-level signals
High resolution spectrometers for better averaging and signal-to-noise ratio
Fast update rate (1-2 Hz), much faster than other pulse measurement
Easy to change SHG crystal and spectrometer
Change wavelength in the software

also FROGscan Ultra
  Even better spectral resolution (0.05 nm - 1 nm)
  Greater sensitivity (0.01 W2)

For a FROGscan data sheet click here

Pulse display

VideoFROGscan Software
Shows temporal pulse display, pulse spectrum, pulse statistics
Uses PCGP algorithm to quickly compute intensity and phase vs frequency
Easy user interface with tabs for:
   pulse width, pulse shape, spectral shape,
   spectral width and FROG trace
Rearrange and resize data display windows
Zoom in on regions of interest
DLLs and LabVIEW VIs available for your own programming

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